the search for 'neo'...


to be jolly

tis the season for evites.

big parties.

intimate gatherings.

office shindigs.

family affairs.

white elephants running amok.

and dem yankee's swap.

ugly sweater parties.

and a reason to regift.

tis the season of december.

a time for old friends, and new beginnings.


december is a month full of potential.

some people say that january is the beginning of the new year, but they are dead wrong.

december is the beginning of the new year.

a new year is marked with the philosophy of opportunity.

the opportunity for great potential.

a potential to achieve new goals and resolutions.

a potential to remake what was not made in the past.

a potential to talk the walk with a completely clean slate.

and although january may MARK the starting gun of opportunity in the space/time continuum...

i would argue that the catalyst and momentum in search of potential was gained much earlier.

like in the month of december.


amidst the flurry of evites, the happiness of being accepted, the warmth of being desired, and the joy of being requested, is the dirty secret that there arent enough hours in the day, enough minutes in the hour, or seconds on the dime to be everywhere and do everything.

amongst the plethora of invites/evites, one must make a decision about which soiree to accept, and which to decline.

inherent in the ebb and flow of acceptance, and denial, is the judgment process by which someone determines which course of action to take.

perhaps you accept because you're a close friend and your attendance is mandatory.

perhaps you accept because you've heard that they always throw a ragin kegga, and ratio of girls (or guys) will be three-to-one.

perhaps you accept simply because you dont have anything better going on that night.

everyone has their own system. everyone has their own reasons. everyone makes their own decisions.

the number one reason(s) most people would be inclined to attend a function would be because of the presence of gorgeous people, a cadre of like-minded friends who will also be attending, or perhaps because of a top-shelf open bar.

the number one reason most people would decline to attend a function would be because of a lack of potential.

a potential for... what?

a potential for fun?

a potential for drunkenness?

a potential to hang out with friends?

a potential to meet someone new?

ask yourself, what kind of potential are you looking for?


for me its quite simple.

the pleasure in the pudding is simply the potential to connect with someone new.

id like to think im in search of the 'one', but simply connecting with someone new is usually enough for me.

meeting new people is fun.

but connecting with someone - on an intellectual level, on a physical level, on a psychological level is what really gets my turkey baster cookin (ha!).

THATS what i seek out at parties.

and THATS what i want out of life.

i was notorious for seeking out the party that i knew the least about. the party thrown by someone outside my circle. the event that i barely knew a soul at. i was in search of opportunity – the opportunity to meet someone with potential.

searching for potential is not a comfortable feeling; which is fine because, had i wanted comfort, i would have gone to a movie, and grabbed dinner and a beer with a friend.

i would have done something where i already KNEW what the outcome would be.

searching for someone to connect with NEVER has a guaranteed outcome – the potential for failure exists just as much as the potential for success.

which is why going to a party, attending a function, crashing a wedding, and/or moving to a new city, is so much fun for me.

a fact never so boldly prominent as i begin to construct my new life in boston.

this city is a party, and every person has potential.

a potential for me to talk the walk with a completely clean slate.

happy holidays from beantown uSA


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